Harvested at the seedling stage, Microgreens are packed full of flavour and nutrients. Ready to each in 10-14 days, great in salads, sandwiches or as a garnish on any dish. Growing Tips: Growing Microgreens is easy and very little supplies ar needed. Start with clean seeding tray and a sterilized soiless growing medium such as Pro-Mix. Dampen Pro-Mix with water so it is mist and fill tray to 1-2cm from top. Seed individual varieties according to general planting directions - when seeding mixes simply sprinke seeds over soil and lightly rake into soil with finger tips, covering seeds slightly with seeding mixture. Place seeded tray in a warm spot, perferably with a clear dome covering it. Once germinated ensure tray is by a sunny window. After frist set of true leaves appear simply snip with scissor and enjoy. *Planting every week will ensure a continuous supply of microgreens. Change soil and wash the tray every couple of plantings.