Bed Wetter Soaker Hose


These soaker hoses are great for raised beds, borders and smaller gardens. With the use of timers, Bed Wetters are perfect for gardeners who travel or forget to water during the hot dry weather. Water under the soil ensures no water wastage and roots can more easity uptake the moisture. All Bed Wetters have a 3/8" diameter hose.

SMP12501  -  Bed Wetter 4’  $12.99*

SMP12502  -  Bed Wetter 10.5’  $16.99*

SMP12503  -  Bed Wetter 13.5’  $19.99*

* $6.00 additional postage and handling fee will be charged to this product.

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Bed Wetter 4’



Bed Wetter 10.5’



Bed Wetter 13.5’



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