Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

Solitary Pollen Bee Nest


One of our best selling products! The Pollen Bee Nest has been developed to attract a variety of wild pollen bees to your garden and vastly improve the pollination of your plants. The proprietary granular volcanic rock filler prevents moisture from destroying the nests and developing bees. The filler, an excellent insulator, allows the bees to overwinter inside the nest. The scientifically-designed nest eliminates most problems associated with natural or wood man-made nests. Pollen bees fill the best tubes and seal the ends. The nest can be left in place year round, only needing an annual cleaning. This product can produce 100-150 pollinating bees per year.

Package includes: 1 pollen Bee Nest, Instructions (story and details on pollen bees), Reporting chart for tracking nest tubes, Recommended list of flowers and shrubs to attract pollen bees.

** Solitary-pollen bees will not sting. They are non-aggressive: A valuable and necessary part of a lush healthy garden!

* $6.00 additional postage and handling fee will be added to this product.

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