Stonehead Hybrid

Stonehead Hybrid Latin: Braccica oleracea capitata

Categories: CabbageHome Grown Seed Collection by P. Allen Smith

65 Days from direct-sow, 45 days from transplant. Stonehead F1 is an early, medium-headed variety with tip burn tolerance. It’s a compact plant with gray-green, round, very solid heads. This All American Selections winner produces heads with a crisp texture, that average 4lbs/2kg and about 15cm (6”) in diameter. Stonehead Hybrid is a compact variety making it suitable for smaller garden plots. Approximately 100 seeds / packet.

Growing Tips

Successful cabbage growers know a few simple tricks of the trade: 1) Keep cabbage well watered and fertilized throughout the entire growing season. 2) Never plant cabbage, or any other brassica (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) in the same spot from year to year. 3) Use great care when wedding or cultivating around the plants as cabbage is very shallow rooted. For best results, plant cabbage in a rich organic soil with high humus content and a pH of at least 6.0. An application of lime will help prevent Clubroot, a common fungal disease that attaches to members of the Brassica family. For an earlier harvest, cabbage seed may be planted indoors 4-6 weeks prior to setting out in the garden. When transplanting, space the plants 30-45cm (12-18") apart in rows that are 50cm (20") wide. For a fall crop, direct seed late season varieties in mid-May, planting the seed 1cm (1/2") deep.

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