Gardening Accessories

Need some garden support? Halifax Seed's wide range of supports, seed starting supplies, soils and more will help to grow your garden.

  • Books


    7 products

    Halifax Seed supplies a wonderful selection of helpful gardening books that will help answer all your garden questions.

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  • Garden Fertilizers

    Garden Fertilizers

    42 products

    Halifax Seed has a selection of fertilizer to meet the needs of any garden. Water soluble and granular options, Halifax Seed is even proud to carry multiple lines of organic options.

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  • Plant Ties & Supports

    Plant Ties & Supports

    10 products

    Every plant needs a little support from a friend. Tomatoes, beans, peas, vines and more all need support to grow up on. Halifax Seed has a wide range of options to help support your favourite plants.

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  • Seed Starting Supplies

    Seed Starting Supplies

    60 products

    It all starts with a seed. Starting your seeds indoors prior to setting out in the garden allows you to get a head start on frost sensitive and longer maturity date varieties. Halifax Seed has a variety of products to help you start your own seeds inside.

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  • Soils &  Garden Amendments

    Soils & Garden Amendments

    48 products

    Ensuring you have great soil structure is the base to any good garden. Halifax Seed supplies a variety of soil amendments to help add lots of nutrients that will help your garden

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  • Tools


    14 products

    Pruners, weeders, shovels and trowels, Halifax Seed has homeowner to professional grade tools to help you get the job done

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