It takes two whole years for biennials to complete their growing cycle. The first year they will produce an abundance of greenery and then the following year the plant will product flowers. Most biennials will go to seed in their second year before they die off.

  • Canterbury Bells

    Canterbury Bells

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    An old-fashioned annual with charming bell-shaped blooms, Canterbury Bells deserve a place in every flower garden. Use the eye-catching plants in a herbaceous border, massed in a flower bed, or cut the colourful stems for fresh arrangements.

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  • Forget-Me-Not


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    A popular, hardy biennial, forget-me-nots produce dainty bright blue blossoms and may be used in rock gardens, as spring bedding plants or sown with spring-flowering bulbs. Plant seed directly outside in the spring or summer. Preferring a moist, semi-shaded location, plants happily grow wherever they are planted and easily re-seed.

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  • Foxglove


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    An ornamental of great beauty, foxglove produces tall spikes of nodding bell-shaped flowers accented by delicately spotted throats. This favourite biennial thrives in moist, semi-shaded locations and may be massed at the back of a flower border or in a woodland garden for a spectacular display. The graceful and dramatic spikes also make excellent and long-lived cut flowers.

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  • Honesty Silver Dollar

    Honesty Silver Dollar

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    Although the 'Money Plant' produces an abundance of sweetly scented purple blossoms, it is the transparent silvery seed pods which follow that make this a highly prized garden ornamental. These 'silver dollars' are used extensively in dried flower arrangements.

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  • Pansies


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    Pansies have been a garden standard for decades due to their diverse colour selection, unique markings, ease of culture and ability to thrive in the cool weather of spring and fall. They make colourful additions to beds and containers.

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  • Sweet William

    Sweet William

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    An easy-to-grow biennial, Sweet William produces large clusters of highly fragrant flowers. The self-seeding plants thrive in full sun or partial shade and may be used in flower beds or borders. Their long-stemmed blooms are excellent for fresh bouquets.

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  • Wallflowers


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    This hardy biennial produces wonderfully fragrant flowers in large clusters all summer long. The vibrant blooms do well in long-lived bouquets. Sow seed in late March. Germination may take up to 2 weeks. The bushy plants will flower the following June.

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