Fruits & Berries

Halifax Seed carries a wide selection of fruit trees, berries, haskaps and grapes. Some plants are available for shipping across Canada while the rest will be available in our garden centres.

  • Raspberry Canes

    Raspberry Canes

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    Delicious fresh raspberries are easy-to-grow and are enjoyed by everyone in pies, tarts and jams! The hardy plants are well adapted to our climate and will bear a heavy yield of juicy berries for many years. Planting Tips: Plant the canes in a site with full sun and rich organic soil. A soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0 is ideal. Harvest ripe berries in the cool of the morning, avoiding contact with wet plants.

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  • Rhubarb


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    Spectacular in pies and cobbler, rhubarb is a popular early spring crop and a natural companion to strawberries, which ripen a few weeks after the first rhubarb stalks are harvested. Planting Tips: As rhubarb will grow in the same spot for many years, initial soil preparation is important. Select a sunny spot with good drainage and prior to planting the roots, incorporate generous amounts of compost or well-rotten manure into the soil

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  • Strawberry Plants

    Strawberry Plants

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    Grown in Atlantic Canada, mouth-watering fresh strawberries are very easy-to-grow and may be enjoyed in countless dishes! These varieties are certified and recommended by the Atlantic Provinces Advisory Committee on Berry Crops. All varieties are packed 25 plants per bundle.

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