Cucumbers thrive in warm humid weather. Their cool and juicy fruit is extremely refreshing and may be enjoyed sliced fresh, tossed in salads or preserved as pickles. As cucumbers mature relatively quickly, they are an ideal crop for cool gardens. Growing Tips: Sow seeds indoors in peat pots and set out in sunny location when all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up to 18 to 21°C (65 to 70°F). To prevent transplant shock do not disturb the roots when transplanting. A layer of landscape fabric around the roots will encourage larger yields by suppressing weed growth and conserving soil heat and moisture. If seeding directly outdoors, sow 6 to 8 seeds per foot, planting them about 0.5 to 1cm (1/4” – ½”) deep. In small gardens conserve space by growing cucumbers vertically on a trellis.