Petunias are one of the most popular flowering plants in cultivation! They bloom early and continue to produce masses large trumpet-shaped flowers until the first hard frost. Although easily grown, they do prefer rich soil and a sunny location. To encourage non-stop blossoms, pinch off faded flowers. Growing Tips: Petunia seed is very fine and must be handled with care. For best results, sow seed around the first of March in a soil-less growing medium, such as Pro-Mix. Sprinkle seed directly on top of the medium, pressing lightly to ensure good contact. Water thoroughly and cover the seed trays with plastic to maintain humidity and moisture. Place the trays in a sunny location. Once germination has occurred, in about 10 days, remove cover and protect the seedlings from strong light for a day or two. Transplant into peat pots when the plants have attained their second set of leaves. Once all risk of frost has passed, set them out into the garden.