Native to the Americas, the tomato is everyone’s favourite garden vegetable and an excellent source of Vitamin C, iron and protein. In Northern gardens, it is important to grow varieties which ripen before the autumn frosts, so we have carefully selected the following to best suit our Maritime region. Using Kozy Coats can allow transplants to be set in the garden sooner. Growing Tips: Sow seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last spring frost. A soil temperature around 24°C will help encourage quick germination. Ensure that seedlings receive plenty of light to prevent them from becoming tall and leggy. To harden off the plants, set them outside during the day, bringing them back indoors at night when the temperature drops. Tomatoes love rich soil, so work generous amount of well-rotted manure or compost into the garden before planting. A soil application of gypsum or lime may help control Blossom End Rot, a common disorder that leaves large unattractive black blotches on the bottom of the fruits. Once all risk of frost has passed, set the transplants in the garden, spacing them 60-90cm (24-36”) apart.