Turnips & Rutabagas

Winter Turnips, also known as Rutabagas are a maritime favorite grown for their tasty yellow-fleshed, globe-shaped roots and excellent storage quality. Summer Turnips, on the other hand are a quick-growing crop with white-fleshed roots that grow in a flattened globe shape. They are meant for immediate consumption as they don’t store well. Growing Tips: Summer Turnip seed should be sown in early spring through mid-summer, with seeds planted 1cm (1/2”) deep. Once the seedlings have emerged, thin them to 5cm (2”) apart. If Winter Turnip is being planted for fall harvest, sow seed in the garden in mid-June to mid-July. Sow 6 seeds per 30cm (12”), planting them 1cm (1/2”) deep. Thin the seedlings to 6” apart. To prevent Brown Heart (water core) in Winter Turnip, amend the soil with Boron-rich fertilizer. To help thwart other common problems such as Clubroot, practice good crop rotation. Harvest Winter Turnip after several hard frosts by cutting tops and storing the roots in a humid, cold environment.