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SKUs can be found in our print catalogue, Suttons Seeds products are made up of a 6-digit number, garden tools and supplies have SKU's listed with the products. 
Halifax Seed's home garden seed SKUs are made up of a variety code and package size. Vegetable SKUs are made up of 4 letters followed by the size you are looking for (ie. BELA125 is the SKU for 125g of Labrador Beans, BELAPKT is for the packet). Flower Seed SKUs are made up of a 3 digit number followed by the size (ie. 28925 is the SKU for Giant Sunflower 25g, 292A5 is the code for Ikarus Sunflower 5g).
At this time the quick order guide will not recognize partial codes. If you are having any problems simply put the name of the product in and the search feature will bring the product up.