Halifax Seed is happy to supply small farmers and market gardens with commerical quality tools and supplies to make their job easier. 

Farm Fabrics & Plastics 510

Farm Fabrics & Plastics

Greenhouse plastic, Frost blankets, burlap and more are all essential to extending the growing season on the farm. Halifax Seed is happy to supply bulk sizing to those who need more than the average backyard garden

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Fertilizers 138


Need large quantities of fertilizers and soil amendments? Halifax Seed supplies top quality professional fertilizers for a range of different varieties.

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Greenhouse Supplies 139

Greenhouse Supplies

Halifax Seed specializes in greenhouse design and supplies. From outdoor small farm equipment such as row covers to growing containers and greenhouse plastics to indoor greenhouse irrigation Halifax Seed can help you with all your growing needs.

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Insect & Disease Management 140

Insect & Disease Management

Finding the proper method to control insects and diseases can be challenging. Halifax Seed is here to help find environmentally friendly solutions to assist in protecting your crops.

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